Overnight soaked Breakfast

Here you’ll find a quick make ahead breakfast; for you, and for the whole family! without further talking:


2-Almond Milk/coconut/cow milk

3- Honey

4-cinammon Powder

5- Chia seeds/ flaxseeds

5- dried berries (cranberry/blueberry/gogiberry..)/ raisins/sweet dates

7- Pistachio/ walnut/ almonds (raw)

8- vanilla paste

Just mix all of the above or some or few to your taste

Save in a jar/glass tupperware and eat it in the morning or the morning after.

Bon appétit / صحتين


A Mother’s Love 


Unlimited Giving
A mother’s love shines so bright

It comes out of her children’s eyes
Her soft touches reverse the pain

Soothe anxiety and wipe our drain
A mother Breathe is but a prayer 

It circles us with strength and builds fortress in the air 
The look her eyes folds, is pure admiration 

Making every day oneself celebration 
The effect of her hug lasts for a While

Even when you are out there wondering in the wild!

To recall her wrap brings out feeling of security

No matter how long might be the obscurity!
Tireless is a mother’s love 
Regardless our age she is always a Dove

Brings out inner peace and showers of blessings from Above
A mother’s love has no limit 

She gives so much and takes only a little
She cries a river if we drop a tear

She lifts a rock when we are in Fear

She bursts in laughter just for a cheer  


A baby; a girl; a young lady; a wife; a mother; a grand mother… A Woman; A Female …

We are all these throughout our journey; we become what we choose; we thrive to who we’d like to be… We are half of the world; we are half of humanity… We are in control! We take control! 

We manage; we juggle…

 We dance; we fight! 

We run; we model! 

We cook; we fly! 

We write; we read 

We light; we shine… 

Our strength is our weakness; we have the heart to stand; to speak… We chose to silent; to hold on Tight… 

My message To you is for you to love:

Your you; 

Your heart; your mind; your shape and your height. The weight you carry throughout the life is How worried you were; or the nine month you’ve passed… How long you had to push; how long you had to fight… to bring a miracle; your miracle of life…

To build that house; to make them Proud… Your children as a part but Your family ad a start… 

To chase a memory and future it as a present. 

To live in that house; to bring up young souls…

You are a woman; as strong as leather.

YOU are a woman as soft as a feather… 

Together we stand; together we rise… Apart we are only devil in disguise. 

To All of you women; 

Let’s raise a Glass;

A PRAYER to empower;

 a lullaby of a mass. 


Do Good Feel Good

Children’s Day is around the corner. Children Are the future of a nation; they are the hope to humanity; they are these little minds we try to give our best; we try to fulfill our dreams through them. CHILDREN are mirrors of situations; they are born in families; surroundings; countries; colors and shapes And mindset they don’t choose to be in. 

Children often express their feelings towards everything in different ways using different methods. 

Children are these little humans we see wonderful. THEY AMAZE us in every thing they do. 

Their inner goodness and pure hearts teach us every day a lesson. Their wise reactions to some situations make us feel small; little. 

I call on you; every parent and ask you to nurture their goodness seeds. It is there; we should not prepare them for the cruel world; we should show them the Change we want to see in this cruel world. To be caring; sensitive and sympathise with others is not weakness no matter the gender; the shape; the color; the race; the age…  

My kids and I have the habit to do twice a year a clean up to their room. We pick up toys in great conditions and wrap them to give away to centres; mosques; churches; for these to reach a needy family. We wanted to share with you what a project we cannot fulfill without your help.

When we count our endless blessings; we start noticing the suffering of others. 

Above all; we are thankful for our Health… Health is the wealthiest Wealth!

That being said; kids Planet magazine is calling on Parents and their children to participate in a fundraising that goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation® UAE

This organisation  which you can find their profile in the above and below link; is a registered organisation in UAE which grant through fundraising and good people will; a wish to a child with a life threatening illness.

The idea is for kids to pitch in in this fundraising with their own pocket money; every participating child will have his name written on the wall and the amount he pitched in with. 

The Whole process is very transparent; and when the amount we are looking for is raised; Kidsplanet and Make a wish will throw a small ceremony to celebrate the child and give him/her their wish. 

As mentioned in the flyer; the amount will not exceed 30 dhs; to make it affordable for kids to share their money.
Please Spread the word. 

Please follow the link to know More about Make-A-Wish Foundation® UAE

Make A Wish UAE Profile


Mama do you love me ?

Asks a child 

Her Answer is “of Course”

With a big Smile

I love you more with every breathe

You are my pride

You are my wealth

I love you No matter what

Even when you cry

I love you to the moon 

Back and forth I will fly!

For you I will be strong 

And sing your name like a song

Like the birds whistle

I will say my prayer

For the Heaven protects you 

And showers blessings upon you

No Matter how naughty you try to be 

I love you for always and eternally

I show you how strong you can be 

when you feel weak there is always a key

I will buzz strength secrets like a busy bee 

I will hold your hand tight so you do not fall on your knees 

I will show you how tall your stand can be 

And that there are no limits for your dreams 

I will blow kisses in the air to be at your reach

You can grab one whenever you need

I will write you notes and set them free

As one day, you might cross them in a madness spree

Mama I love you 

The child said

Gave her a hug, and moved ahead.

Trust your gut she said; Good Luck

Spread Your wings, Never Holdback

Batoul A

Kids Planet


Fomo and Fokmo



I came across a recent article that I found very interesting; it talks about two new terms that caught my ear when I heard myself saying them loud!

By definition FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT) it is an informal noun and means the anxiety or fear of missing-out on an event, seen or promoted on social media. Searching the web for an exact definition of FOMO led me to find out that it is a direct cousin to the word YOLO (YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE)! MY lord! I start wondering what kind of word we are living in; even our simplest sentences turned into handy acronyms… if we treat the language in such manners then how we treat our life! It made me think we are in rush living the maximum of events to the extent we do not have time to pronounce the actual sentence so we acronate it! Back to the subject, so FOMO and YOLO are related and they create another acronym in direct relation to parenting and kids FOKMO.

FOKMO by definition is the fear of our kids missing out! NOWADAYS we tend to joggle the time like balls, if we could find some morning time before school to have an activity we would not spare it. FOKMO is not letting our kids missing any activity there is in the neighborhood with friends… joggling all possible in order to feel satisfaction towards ourselves considering the activity deprivation when we were young (comparing to nowadays activities for our kids). I am not here to judge any parent or anyone! I have fallen to this state of mind long before anyone! However, it is good to admit ONE’S mistakes and revise the situation.