A Mother’s Love 


Unlimited Giving
A mother’s love shines so bright

It comes out of her children’s eyes
Her soft touches reverse the pain

Soothe anxiety and wipe our drain
A mother Breathe is but a prayer 

It circles us with strength and builds fortress in the air 
The look her eyes folds, is pure admiration 

Making every day oneself celebration 
The effect of her hug lasts for a While

Even when you are out there wondering in the wild!

To recall her wrap brings out feeling of security

No matter how long might be the obscurity!
Tireless is a mother’s love 
Regardless our age she is always a Dove

Brings out inner peace and showers of blessings from Above
A mother’s love has no limit 

She gives so much and takes only a little
She cries a river if we drop a tear

She lifts a rock when we are in Fear

She bursts in laughter just for a cheer  


A baby; a girl; a young lady; a wife; a mother; a grand mother… A Woman; A Female …

We are all these throughout our journey; we become what we choose; we thrive to who we’d like to be… We are half of the world; we are half of humanity… We are in control! We take control! 

We manage; we juggle…

 We dance; we fight! 

We run; we model! 

We cook; we fly! 

We write; we read 

We light; we shine… 

Our strength is our weakness; we have the heart to stand; to speak… We chose to silent; to hold on Tight… 

My message To you is for you to love:

Your you; 

Your heart; your mind; your shape and your height. The weight you carry throughout the life is How worried you were; or the nine month you’ve passed… How long you had to push; how long you had to fight… to bring a miracle; your miracle of life…

To build that house; to make them Proud… Your children as a part but Your family ad a start… 

To chase a memory and future it as a present. 

To live in that house; to bring up young souls…

You are a woman; as strong as leather.

YOU are a woman as soft as a feather… 

Together we stand; together we rise… Apart we are only devil in disguise. 

To All of you women; 

Let’s raise a Glass;

A PRAYER to empower;

 a lullaby of a mass. 


Do Good Feel Good

Children’s Day is around the corner. Children Are the future of a nation; they are the hope to humanity; they are these little minds we try to give our best; we try to fulfill our dreams through them. CHILDREN are mirrors of situations; they are born in families; surroundings; countries; colors and shapes And mindset they don’t choose to be in. 

Children often express their feelings towards everything in different ways using different methods. 

Children are these little humans we see wonderful. THEY AMAZE us in every thing they do. 

Their inner goodness and pure hearts teach us every day a lesson. Their wise reactions to some situations make us feel small; little. 

I call on you; every parent and ask you to nurture their goodness seeds. It is there; we should not prepare them for the cruel world; we should show them the Change we want to see in this cruel world. To be caring; sensitive and sympathise with others is not weakness no matter the gender; the shape; the color; the race; the age…  

My kids and I have the habit to do twice a year a clean up to their room. We pick up toys in great conditions and wrap them to give away to centres; mosques; churches; for these to reach a needy family. We wanted to share with you what a project we cannot fulfill without your help.

When we count our endless blessings; we start noticing the suffering of others. 

Above all; we are thankful for our Health… Health is the wealthiest Wealth!

That being said; kids Planet magazine is calling on Parents and their children to participate in a fundraising that goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation® UAE

This organisation  which you can find their profile in the above and below link; is a registered organisation in UAE which grant through fundraising and good people will; a wish to a child with a life threatening illness.

The idea is for kids to pitch in in this fundraising with their own pocket money; every participating child will have his name written on the wall and the amount he pitched in with. 

The Whole process is very transparent; and when the amount we are looking for is raised; Kidsplanet and Make a wish will throw a small ceremony to celebrate the child and give him/her their wish. 

As mentioned in the flyer; the amount will not exceed 30 dhs; to make it affordable for kids to share their money.
Please Spread the word. 

Please follow the link to know More about Make-A-Wish Foundation® UAE

Make A Wish UAE Profile


Mama do you love me ?

Asks a child 

Her Answer is “of Course”

With a big Smile

I love you more with every breathe

You are my pride

You are my wealth

I love you No matter what

Even when you cry

I love you to the moon 

Back and forth I will fly!

For you I will be strong 

And sing your name like a song

Like the birds whistle

I will say my prayer

For the Heaven protects you 

And showers blessings upon you

No Matter how naughty you try to be 

I love you for always and eternally

I show you how strong you can be 

when you feel weak there is always a key

I will buzz strength secrets like a busy bee 

I will hold your hand tight so you do not fall on your knees 

I will show you how tall your stand can be 

And that there are no limits for your dreams 

I will blow kisses in the air to be at your reach

You can grab one whenever you need

I will write you notes and set them free

As one day, you might cross them in a madness spree

Mama I love you 

The child said

Gave her a hug, and moved ahead.

Trust your gut she said; Good Luck

Spread Your wings, Never Holdback

Batoul A

Kids Planet

MAGICAL “Orange Wheels”


Oh Dear!

I Spent 2 full Hours in a kids playarea and I did not want to leave!


Did you visit Orange Wheels in Wahda mall, Abu dhabi yet?

It is the most vibrant place to be in!

The play area is stretched in a categorized sections with ease access and inviting ambiance.

“Orange Wheels was created with various FUN ZONES — playgrounds, climbing walls, a toddler village, arts & crafts studio, salon & spa, an organic cafe, gym and small shop — Hooray for play”

It is sectioned into 7 areas:

Wall climbingwp-image-766231871jpg.jpg

Youngsters area or Fortress as my kids like to call it! Long Slides; wide sliding tunnels, 3 mini trans booths (kids adored)


Toddlers mini Fortress with a ball pool wp-image-1934459471jpg.jpg

City most visited places: airplane mock-up; a bus station; a cozy library; a market of fruits and veggies with trolleys; a role playing dress up room…


Right Across is the “Parents Gem”; a well placed; comfortably seated cafè! YES you can enjoy your coffee, tea, juice, cakes popcorn and More in there! And Oh! Most of these are organic products! GUILT-FREE


A huge section for Art, handcrafts, coloring, painting, play dough!

A long Stretched hallway; where you’ll find wp-image-1758100790jpg.jpg

A beautiful kids beauty salon


2 party rooms

A lounge room for staff

Wide Toilets area for Boys and another One for Girls; each area has 6 toilets booths; baby changing tops! TOILETS ARE SPOTLESS!

A wide; big very safe Gym Area for kids to jump; create their own obstacles and enjoy a mini wall climbing, mini trampoline and more…


The colors and the spotless clean aspect of this MAGICAL play area is very impressive! Really! Impressive!

The stretched out perfectly sectioned distribution of areas makes it smooth and easy to troll and scroll kids Wheels!

Last but not Least!

The STAFF! The reception, party coordinator, marketing director… the Marshals, the Playmates…. What a brilliant, vibrant Staff!

They Love what they do, they are smiley, helpful, cheerful, they get engaged with kids… They call them by their names, they run and jump and play around with them!

The Playmates are kids at heart!

And the Best part is DANCING TIME!

All the Staff get engaged in a Dance routine!

I danced with them myself!

Kids were lined up DANCING to the beats and copying their moves! Lined- UP literally, my kids who are relatively shy to dance and sing in public, actually danced and sang in the high Booths!


All I could think of is: Wow they even encourage kids self esteem and sociable skills.

Orange Wheels is a big heart Community! Warm welcoming environment and parents Friendly place!

They offer many services starting of the ritual Different birthday packages, to early morning classes and afternoon schedules!

A Must-Visit Gem!

An experience Parents and Kids will definitely enjoy!

Sleepover; is it time?


Not so long ago,we had our first sleepover experience.

We were not prepared by all means to this experience.

I as a mom, did not prepare my homework properly and that is why i am sharing my thoughts with you.

My son, 7 and a half years old is the eldest of 3 kids. He is an example of matured, independent and self-esteemed child.

We took his decision for granted,when he had asked! We thought he is ready, and perhaps it is time. He asked to sleep at his best friend’s house.

We missed many obvious signs!

Before I list any do’s and Don’t’s; let us walk through a guideline for Sleepovers:

If you are a cautious, protective parent and live by the rules kind of parent (like myself), I propose setting some customized personal Guidelines for sleepovers, i will help suggesting a few:

  • when you open the Sleepover door, and from the night it is successful, you should expect for kids to ask for it more often, therefore:
  • Set some sleepover rules
    • When? (during a long holiday perhaps)
    • where? (only at specified friend’s house)
    • How? (after fulfilling school duties and responsibilities/ keeping good manners  and maintaining house living standards)
    • How often?  ( defining how often the kid is allowed a sleepover)
  • Encourage an open relationship and conversation between You and your child.
  • Remember Sleepover is a parental accessory.
  • There is no developmental necessity for this experience.
  • Grandparents Sleepovers are the Best Ever! (especially with Cousins around)!

That Being said, let’s resume The signs and plans..

First Sleepover Readiness Signs: 

  • Child asks for permission to sleepover.
  • Child has a history of changing beds, sleep places, due to travel, moving,etc…
  • Child has slept over without Parents at least once, at their grandparents house or a close relative/cousin.
  • Child has spent many hours at a friend house, without asking for you or telling you they missed you once you showed up.
  • Child sleeps through the night; they don’t wet the bed anymore, they don’t wake up for water frequently, they don’t have bad dreams.

Making sure all the above points are covered and 100% applicable; you have as a parent to look for deeper signs. The child usually do not understand the concept of a sleepover until the night falls.  We, as parents should prepare the child mentally and emotionally for this experience. Whether it is a first time or not, an open and honest conversation should take place and any signs of worry must be detected.

For example, After asking for permission to sleepover, My son was overly excited and prepared his bag the night before for his sleepover the next day! he had ask us if we can drop him over his friend’s first thing in the morning! He slept on time and tightly!

The next day, he came to my bed in the morning to tell me he had changed his mind, and since it was Daddy’s day off, it was not fair for his dad that he leaves the house and moreover sleep outside the house!

I have mistaken this statement for an anxiety towards the experience rather than believing it is a quite an upfront diplomatic decision.

He did not want to say “I AM NOT READY!”

Nevertheless, I “persuaded” him that it is okay; which leads me to the next step.

Signs of Anxiety:

  • No matter how close is the friend, it is always about your child;s feelings and decision.
  • Ask direct questions, listen carefully to the answers.
  • prepare your child emotionally and physically
    • Pack a letter, a written note.
    • Pack a small teddy bear or any comfort toy, pillow, blanket(or maybe your own scarf).
    • Ask for the day’s details and explain to your child.
  • Reassure your child and make sure he has the choice to come back home at anytime (Pick him up the first time he asks for it; don’t try to make him stay)

Preparation and Convenience:

If this is the first time your child experience a Sleepover, go through this checklist for flexibility:

  • It is better if the friend’s house is close to yours; if there will be a pick-up it wont be a hassle!!
  • DO NOT plan a night out! especially if friend’s house is far!
  • Make sure you read the signs or actually hear the “Please Pick Me Up”  correctly.
  • Do not force your child to stay, it is not related to the house he/she is staying at. it is merely a readiness state of mind!
  • Run a sleepover Trial:  at their grandparents, cousin, pajama night/party at a friend, late pick up of a play date.

Plan A Sleepover Rehearsal:

Role-Playing @ home or Throw him a sleepover party at the comfort of your own house.

  • Hang a paper with sleepover rules/plans
  • pretend that your house is the friend’s house/rules
  • Invite a close friend to sleepover
  • Throw a late night (10 pm) pajama party.
  • ask questions, or announce the itinerary
    • food to be served
    • cartoon/movie to be watched
    •  play-about
    • Announce or ask if there are pets at home
    • Sleep time
    • Next Morning Routine
    • Call home anytime (you can keep a phone with the kid for the night).


It is imperative to remember that no matter how self-confident a child is, night time is a fraught.  Kids can’t distinguish dreams and reality, hypersensitive kids often daydream of situations and scenarios in a philosophical and argumentative thinking.

As a parent, we should reassure them that we will pick them up when they need to, that this experience is not a test they have to pass. Teaching your kids to take risks is an important act to do, but what is more important is that we always remember that they are Children and It Is OKAY to change their mind without culpability.

No matter how Close the family and the friend your kid’s will sleepover at, remember always, It is Not about them. It is Purely about your child Readiness!