A baby; a girl; a young lady; a wife; a mother; a grand mother… A Woman; A Female …

We are all these throughout our journey; we become what we choose; we thrive to who we’d like to be… We are half of the world; we are half of humanity… We are in control! We take control! 

We manage; we juggle…

 We dance; we fight! 

We run; we model! 

We cook; we fly! 

We write; we read 

We light; we shine… 

Our strength is our weakness; we have the heart to stand; to speak… We chose to silent; to hold on Tight… 

My message To you is for you to love:

Your you; 

Your heart; your mind; your shape and your height. The weight you carry throughout the life is How worried you were; or the nine month you’ve passed… How long you had to push; how long you had to fight… to bring a miracle; your miracle of life…

To build that house; to make them Proud… Your children as a part but Your family ad a start… 

To chase a memory and future it as a present. 

To live in that house; to bring up young souls…

You are a woman; as strong as leather.

YOU are a woman as soft as a feather… 

Together we stand; together we rise… Apart we are only devil in disguise. 

To All of you women; 

Let’s raise a Glass;

A PRAYER to empower;

 a lullaby of a mass. 



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