Do Good Feel Good

Children’s Day is around the corner. Children Are the future of a nation; they are the hope to humanity; they are these little minds we try to give our best; we try to fulfill our dreams through them. CHILDREN are mirrors of situations; they are born in families; surroundings; countries; colors and shapes And mindset they don’t choose to be in. 

Children often express their feelings towards everything in different ways using different methods. 

Children are these little humans we see wonderful. THEY AMAZE us in every thing they do. 

Their inner goodness and pure hearts teach us every day a lesson. Their wise reactions to some situations make us feel small; little. 

I call on you; every parent and ask you to nurture their goodness seeds. It is there; we should not prepare them for the cruel world; we should show them the Change we want to see in this cruel world. To be caring; sensitive and sympathise with others is not weakness no matter the gender; the shape; the color; the race; the age…  

My kids and I have the habit to do twice a year a clean up to their room. We pick up toys in great conditions and wrap them to give away to centres; mosques; churches; for these to reach a needy family. We wanted to share with you what a project we cannot fulfill without your help.

When we count our endless blessings; we start noticing the suffering of others. 

Above all; we are thankful for our Health… Health is the wealthiest Wealth!

That being said; kids Planet magazine is calling on Parents and their children to participate in a fundraising that goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation® UAE

This organisation  which you can find their profile in the above and below link; is a registered organisation in UAE which grant through fundraising and good people will; a wish to a child with a life threatening illness.

The idea is for kids to pitch in in this fundraising with their own pocket money; every participating child will have his name written on the wall and the amount he pitched in with. 

The Whole process is very transparent; and when the amount we are looking for is raised; Kidsplanet and Make a wish will throw a small ceremony to celebrate the child and give him/her their wish. 

As mentioned in the flyer; the amount will not exceed 30 dhs; to make it affordable for kids to share their money.
Please Spread the word. 

Please follow the link to know More about Make-A-Wish Foundation® UAE

Make A Wish UAE Profile


3 thoughts on “Do Good Feel Good

  1. The wealth of love to share that you kids amassed by donating and sharing with other kids and people in need will pay interest in the form of happiness for the rest of their live…it is a very nice idea… small amounts can have huge impacts on others’ lives… we truly like the idea..especially that we can contribute to a little kid wish come true!!

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