Mama do you love me ?

Asks a child 

Her Answer is “of Course”

With a big Smile

I love you more with every breathe

You are my pride

You are my wealth

I love you No matter what

Even when you cry

I love you to the moon 

Back and forth I will fly!

For you I will be strong 

And sing your name like a song

Like the birds whistle

I will say my prayer

For the Heaven protects you 

And showers blessings upon you

No Matter how naughty you try to be 

I love you for always and eternally

I show you how strong you can be 

when you feel weak there is always a key

I will buzz strength secrets like a busy bee 

I will hold your hand tight so you do not fall on your knees 

I will show you how tall your stand can be 

And that there are no limits for your dreams 

I will blow kisses in the air to be at your reach

You can grab one whenever you need

I will write you notes and set them free

As one day, you might cross them in a madness spree

Mama I love you 

The child said

Gave her a hug, and moved ahead.

Trust your gut she said; Good Luck

Spread Your wings, Never Holdback

Batoul A

Kids Planet


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