MAGICAL “Orange Wheels”


Oh Dear!

I Spent 2 full Hours in a kids playarea and I did not want to leave!


Did you visit Orange Wheels in Wahda mall, Abu dhabi yet?

It is the most vibrant place to be in!

The play area is stretched in a categorized sections with ease access and inviting ambiance.

“Orange Wheels was created with various FUN ZONES — playgrounds, climbing walls, a toddler village, arts & crafts studio, salon & spa, an organic cafe, gym and small shop — Hooray for play”

It is sectioned into 7 areas:

Wall climbingwp-image-766231871jpg.jpg

Youngsters area or Fortress as my kids like to call it! Long Slides; wide sliding tunnels, 3 mini trans booths (kids adored)


Toddlers mini Fortress with a ball pool wp-image-1934459471jpg.jpg

City most visited places: airplane mock-up; a bus station; a cozy library; a market of fruits and veggies with trolleys; a role playing dress up room…


Right Across is the “Parents Gem”; a well placed; comfortably seated cafè! YES you can enjoy your coffee, tea, juice, cakes popcorn and More in there! And Oh! Most of these are organic products! GUILT-FREE


A huge section for Art, handcrafts, coloring, painting, play dough!

A long Stretched hallway; where you’ll find wp-image-1758100790jpg.jpg

A beautiful kids beauty salon


2 party rooms

A lounge room for staff

Wide Toilets area for Boys and another One for Girls; each area has 6 toilets booths; baby changing tops! TOILETS ARE SPOTLESS!

A wide; big very safe Gym Area for kids to jump; create their own obstacles and enjoy a mini wall climbing, mini trampoline and more…


The colors and the spotless clean aspect of this MAGICAL play area is very impressive! Really! Impressive!

The stretched out perfectly sectioned distribution of areas makes it smooth and easy to troll and scroll kids Wheels!

Last but not Least!

The STAFF! The reception, party coordinator, marketing director… the Marshals, the Playmates…. What a brilliant, vibrant Staff!

They Love what they do, they are smiley, helpful, cheerful, they get engaged with kids… They call them by their names, they run and jump and play around with them!

The Playmates are kids at heart!

And the Best part is DANCING TIME!

All the Staff get engaged in a Dance routine!

I danced with them myself!

Kids were lined up DANCING to the beats and copying their moves! Lined- UP literally, my kids who are relatively shy to dance and sing in public, actually danced and sang in the high Booths!


All I could think of is: Wow they even encourage kids self esteem and sociable skills.

Orange Wheels is a big heart Community! Warm welcoming environment and parents Friendly place!

They offer many services starting of the ritual Different birthday packages, to early morning classes and afternoon schedules!

A Must-Visit Gem!

An experience Parents and Kids will definitely enjoy!

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