Fomo and Fokmo



I came across a recent article that I found very interesting; it talks about two new terms that caught my ear when I heard myself saying them loud!

By definition FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT) it is an informal noun and means the anxiety or fear of missing-out on an event, seen or promoted on social media. Searching the web for an exact definition of FOMO led me to find out that it is a direct cousin to the word YOLO (YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE)! MY lord! I start wondering what kind of word we are living in; even our simplest sentences turned into handy acronyms… if we treat the language in such manners then how we treat our life! It made me think we are in rush living the maximum of events to the extent we do not have time to pronounce the actual sentence so we acronate it! Back to the subject, so FOMO and YOLO are related and they create another acronym in direct relation to parenting and kids FOKMO.

FOKMO by definition is the fear of our kids missing out! NOWADAYS we tend to joggle the time like balls, if we could find some morning time before school to have an activity we would not spare it. FOKMO is not letting our kids missing any activity there is in the neighborhood with friends… joggling all possible in order to feel satisfaction towards ourselves considering the activity deprivation when we were young (comparing to nowadays activities for our kids). I am not here to judge any parent or anyone! I have fallen to this state of mind long before anyone! However, it is good to admit ONE’S mistakes and revise the situation.



Pizza on a Bun

We promised we will share some easy recipes. EVERY month or maybe every week if you’d like.

This Week it is pizza in a bun.

What you need is:

  • small Buns (whole-wheat is healthier)
  • Ketchup or red tomato sauce
  • Oregano or Zaatar
  • Pepperoni (optional)
  • Cheese ( Mozarrella; emmental; parmesan; cheddar) What you prefer or a Mix of all

Let’s cook it

Heat the oven to 200°  ( with mom or dad help)


  1. First cut the buns in half like you open it for a burger
  2. Empty the inner bread of the bun ( not too much)!
  3. Mix the Ketchup and Oregano and spread on bun
  4. Add the topping you would love (pepperoni)
  5. Top it with cheese
  6. Pop it in oven for 10 minutes




*we will share different recipes for pizza in a bun

Keep an eye on the Blog

Necessity is Mother of Invention!

“If you Can Dream it, You can Make it!”

Walt Disney

this Month, we are talking about things we can Create…

If you look the articles, you will find the definition of Creating something.

Walt Disney, the famous person who Created the “DISNEY KINGDOM” said that everything you imagine, create in your head, you can create it into reality.

A very Long time before, Robots were considered something Alien, (not real)…

A person thought what if we can create something that can help us, humans, to do things we cannot perform? And so the journey of creating Robots started.

Necessity is Mother of Invention! “Plato”

The very Famous and old philosopher PLATO said that what makes us create and invent something is our needs. The need to find a solution for a problem.

The Need to go places fast, made human create the cars, bicycles, trains, airplanes, ships, boats, jets, motorcycles and many other transportation means, depending on how fats and how long the trip is.

There are many inventions and Creations we can talk about, and the list never ends.

How about, you share your thoughts with us and tell us about what you think the best invention is, and Why?

Write to us, drop us a message or even take a short video and share it, we will publish what you have to say.







TO create is to do something. The first step is to Create the idea; to imagine the idea; to picture it in real aspects and dimensions. 

CREATE is an art; if you draw a painting it is Creation of many images in your head into the paper… 

Create is an act; an act of performing; of generating goods or emotions. 

Create is musical; you can compose or create a symphony; or you can fabricate the instrument. 

Create is Magical; you can plan and execute a story and act it on stage; or make it into a movie. 

CREATE is bringing something to shape; you can mold some pottery into a mug or a plate or even a jug.  

To Create is to Invent; to be innovative; to play a game or find a solution for a problem. 

The Opposite of create is Destroy! 

Now who can tell us the opposites of the many actions we just Created in the text? 

We invent.


The first Robot created was -400 years ago (400 years BC). So that is even before people started to count days on Calendars.

It was a wooden bird that flew flapping wooden wings for 200 meters.

“Archytas” is the name of the engineer who invented this Very First Robot.

“Archytas” was a mathematician; an engineer; an astronomer and a Leader.

Years after that; in 1954; the first programmable Robot was invented by George Devol. This ROBOT helped with carrying hot metal in the factories of cars.

Robots now can do many things a person doesn’t want to do or that are dangerous for him.

Robots can drive cars; organise boxes; fill in specific prescriptions. Robots can calculate numbers; harvest fruits and vegetables. An ATM machine is a freezing Robot.

Robots don’t get bored. They can do the same thing over and over again for many many YEARS.

If you want to know how they function.

We will explain in another Article all about ROBOTICS and how Robots work.