KIND words

KIND it’s a word we need more than we use.

Kindness is the noun of the kind the adjective. Kindness is an act; it is something felt more than said.

To be Kind is to be Benevolent; Sweet; Helpful.

To act kind; you are friendly, courteous. You do charity; you have a good heart.

You are thoughtful; considerate and understanding.

You are NOT mean; cruel; bitter; inconsiderate or Unfriendly.


Event of the Month: The Magic of December

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HO!HO!HO! December is finally here, the month of magic. We all know it marks the end of a long beautiful Year. In December, we remember the events happened during the Year. we make decisions for the new year. We look into what we achieved. December is a chance to do good and feel good. IT is the magical time of the year, we should remember the less fortunate, send hugs and kisses to our loved ones. Engage in family and friends activities, dinners and many gatherings.

In this month, we at KIDS PLANET like to do lots of good. We share our thoughts, we say nice words. We give away some of our toys (the good toys). We spread Joy with kindness acts.


December Delice

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Yummy Yummyyy!

Best part of the Magazine!

This is a very easy cake to do! A yummy dessert but not sooo  healthy! IT hAS NUTELLA!

Only 4 ingredients in a BIG mug

(1) 4 Tablespoons(TBSP) of flour

(2) 1/4 teaspoon of Baking Powder

(3) 1/4 cup NUTELLA

(4) 3 TBSP Fat Free Milk (or just any milk)


Put all 4 ingredients in a BIG mug. Mix well with a fork or small whisk until batter(cake mix) is smooth. Cook in microwave for about 1 minute. Insert a small toothpick, it should come out clean. If cake is not cooked in one minute, put it again for 20 SECONDS. Let cake cool in mug completely before eating.

Try to top it with Vanilla IceCream.


Make it for A Special Friend.

Bon Appetit!